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Junior surfing scholarship up for grabs

Surfing Queensland has told us about an opportunity for junior surfers (18 years and under) to submit an application for a 2012 ISA individual surfing scholarship.

Any junior surfer interested in this opportunity will need to submit their application to Dave Lammin ( prior to December 16 2011 or Matt Lindsay ( if submitting between December 16 and December 25.

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About the Program

The ISA is proud to award academic surf scholarships to U18 junior surfers. The Individual Scholarship Program’s main objective is to provide financial support to junior surfers who demonstrate an actual need, in order to facilitate an experience in surfing while encouraging the importance of education. The money must be used to travel to surf contests, and/or upgrade their surfing equipment and to foster the junior surfer’s education.

The program offers added incentive for national surfing federations to send teams to ISA events, furthering the reach of surfing, as scholarship recipients use the experience to become better surfers, potential national champions and even possibly, world champions – all while continuing with their education.

Who is eligible?

All junior surfers age 18 and under who are in genuine need of financial assistance, including past recipients and surfers from countries with no ISA National Governing Body (NGB).

Applicants must:

· Have a credible financial need for a scholarship that could not be provided by their families, sponsors or local government. In other words, the scholarship will make a big difference in his/her academic and surf career.

· Be enrolled in school and in good standing.

· Be an inspiration to others.

Application Checklist:

· Complete Application (click to print)

· Essay on “Why I deserve an ISA Scholarship” (maximum 500 words)

Things to include in essay:

– When you started surfing and why?

– What you would like to do when you grow up?

– How are most of your days spent: family activities, programs, work, homework etc.

– Details about your grades, your school, the year you are in etc.

Letters of Recommendation – These should state why applicant is an ideal candidate for an ISA Individual Surf Scholarship.

– To be written by NGB President/CEO, or President/CEO of local surfing organization if applicant does not belong to an ISA NGB and

– To be written by a teacher or coach

Report card or academic record of last two years in school

Statement of Family Income

Budget plan, with dollar amounts listed, of how applicant wishes to use the scholarship money

Signed oath stating that applicant will remain a student if chosen to receive a scholarship

Signed oath stating that applicant will submit a mid-year and end-of-year report on how the scholarship money was spent

Four photos – one of you surfing, one of you at school, one headshot and one of you with your family at home.

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