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February Comp Day report

This was a great way to start off the new year. A big welcome to new members Bill (open men’s), Ian (O50s), Sarah (groms) and Gareth aka Raf (Fossils)

The surf gods were reasonably kind to us, considering the early high tide at Neill St usually produces the best conditions but generally deteriorates as the tide drops. We managed to hold all of the first round divisional heats which was a real bonus.

The holding of the second round became a major talking point. The contest directors were faced with a “do we or don’t we/dammed if you do dammed if you don’t situation”. While the surf remained contestable for a short while after the last heat, the possibility of holding the complete second round looked very slim. If the whole of the second round can’t be finished then the heats that have been completed don’t count towards club championship points.

Only one real negative of the day and I was one of the main offenders – “guilty as charged.” Free surfing in the contest area or near the contest area is a big NO NO. Unfortunately the Junior Boys surfing in the last heat were swamped by free surfers. Everybody deserves a free run in their heat. Penalties will apply in future – possible loss of points.

Plenty of positives on the day. A great roll-up on the day; early start; plenty of workers helping to make light work of the setting up and pulling down of the tents etc; people being available for judging (helps to keep the day flowing along); and an increase in the Open Women’s numbers.

It was also the Fossils’ first hit out. For those not aware of the fossils, it has come about by the increasing number of older gentlemen in the club demanding a division of their own.

The coaching of the groms by Sam Poncini was great. The number of groms and learners was very encouraging.

Thanks to Brett Rogers for taking over the new role of the coaching co-ordinator for the club. For more info on coaching, contact Brett at

The points tables have been updated – just hover your mouse over the POINTS button at the top right and click on 2012 POINTS.

Cheers and happy surfing

John M

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