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Agnes 2012 report

Reef2Beach Longboard Classic – Agnes 2012

Late February and some club members thoughts drift northwards – humidity, hot sand and waves wrapping down a point – ahhh Agnes! This year the usual suspects [ minus a couple of the younger ones] plus some new crew headed to Agnes Water for the Reef2Beach comp. Their 14th year – [ just in case you forgot, Jo]. Glen, John and Tony, Steve, Greg, Kat and Mark, Pat and Dean were back for another crack, Peter, Jo, Nat and Nathan for the first time.

Friday arvo the surf was a bit small and onshore with a few stingers about – but those that went out got a few waves. Later it was up to the pub for a few refreshments and to pick up comp bags, check out the heat draw and buy some raffle tickets [ mmmm, raffle tickets]. It was a bit hard to hear with a band of one playing in one ear and Grom and the boys yelling out names and numbers in the other – but everyone picked up their bags, then it was back to base [ Mango Tree] to take on more fluids – it gets hot up there.

The forecast for Saturday was not great – ENE winds, 1.5 foot waves – but the wind stayed pretty light and a squall seemed to bring a southerly wind that stayed most of the day. Surf was small but there were plenty of waves, with an increase in swell expected on Sunday.

Young Nathan had a dig in the juniors – his first comp – he caught 10 waves [ well, his last name is Rea!] and he went okay against more experienced surfers.

Kat was in next – she won her heat and progressed to the final.

Over 50s next and Steve got a third and went through to the semis. John [4] and Greg [5] didn’t get through. With waves still in the 1.5ft range but still clean, the tide dropping and not a lot of juice the Over 40s heats were next. Tony [5] and Glen [5] unfortunately didn’t progress, El Presso Greg [3] , Steve [3] and Peter [1]- [yeah, he caught a few] – all went through to the semis.

Open Men’s was next – Pat and Dean were in the same heat. Pat [2] got a couple of longer ones and progressed, Dean [4] couldn’t find a second long and didn’t get through [your sandy correspondent thought he did enough].

Steve got a good long one and another to win his Over 50s semi and move into the final.

The last heat of the day was the Over 40s semi with Peter winning it, Steve [2] moving to the final and Greg [6] being eliminated in fairly ordinary conditions.

Saturday night we headed up to Kahuna’s for dinner, good food and plenty of room this year, good young band playing as well, but after a long day on the beach most of the crew retired back to home base to replenish fluids.

On Sunday you could hear the roar as you walked out of home base and across the park- well, maybe not quite a roar but it was 3ft and peeling down the point! [Swellnet predicted it about a week before], the wind was a light southerly with a few showers .

Pat was first up and got a second to move into the final.

Finals next – Over 40s – we stopped Peter jumping around long enough so he would have some energy left. No worries, he was all over it with a barrel at the end for a well deserved win. The rest were too close to pick with Steve fifth.

Steve ended with a sixth in the Over 50s, by that stage his arms were pretty sore. Kat won the women’s with smooth, classy surfing.

The open men’s final featured some great surfing by all the finalists. Pat, Nic and Dan all threw in progressive moves mixed with traditional; Dane ,Matt and Douglas more traditional. In the end Nic won it no worries with Pat fifth. I must been looking at another final cause it was not how I or others had it. But well done to all the finalists in all divisions with good conditions that lasted all day.

1 Nic Jones 2 Dane Wilson 3 Douglas Shaw 4 Matt Schuler 5 Pat O’Leary 6 Dan Potter

Other standouts for the weekend:

Nic and Dan in the junior final; Ray, Dane and Jamie [Jibba] in the SUP; Classic Malibu’s board display – a mix of glass and epoxy, HP and old skool; the local artist who did a painting each day of the comp, from blank canvas to finished at the end of the day.

As usual with Agnes there’s a twist. On Monday everyone was up early ready to surf good waves- it was flat! [maybe some waves on the low tide]. Also we had no rain – apart from a few light showers. We got as far as the Burrum Heads road – the highway was cut – Glen’s crew went west through Biggenden, BamBam Springs, and Kilkivan, but were stopped south of Gympie for a while; Peter’s crew came through that way later without too much trouble. We tried to get through the Tin Can Bay road but it was closed, so we ended going back to Maryborough and waiting for the highway to open, just managing to get through Gympie before the road closed again.

So that was Agnes 2012 – another fun and successful weekend thanks to TideNTurn Boardriders, their sponsors and all our crew for making it so!

Your sandy correspondent

Mark H

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