Caloundra longboard surfers club

President’s Report 2011-2012

What a year it has been for the Caloundra Malibu Club. We have had out- standing results in almost every major competition from surfers in all different age and gender groups. Well done to all you stars.
It has also been a great year for our up and coming stars with the implementation of funded surf coaching within the club. This has been a joint initiative of the Caloundra Malibu Club and Surfing Queensland to get coaching at the grass roots level of the sport and many thanks to Brett Rodgers for taking the position of coaching coordinator on midway through the year.
With the support of the state government funding grant and through much hard work on Roger Todd’s behalf, this year has also given the club the opportunity to put in place the upskilling of a number of our club members with four of our members currently being trained to become Level One coaches. This being an exciting future for the club, as this will give us the in-house ability to bring on not just our junior surfers to a higher standard, but with the high level of expertise and knowledge that Pat, Beth, Julie and Bret will bring to the Caloundra Malibu Club is invaluable guidance. To any of our surfers that would like some pointers, please let us know. This is what all our coaches have offered to all our club members for putting them through their Level One course. Thank you all for that support that you have offered.
In addition, this year as a club, we have funded some 50% of the costs for 20 members to do a one-day intensive coaching session with Grant Thomas – that also was made possible through the active inclusion grant. But that’s not all: coming up on the 8th of September, hopefully, we will get a good number of members to attend the Level One judging course being hosted by Surfing Queensland. To top all this off, the club was offered to send two surfers for a day at the Australian High Performance Surf Institute. As a reward to Pat and Kat, for their consistent high results, they were very deserving of this opportunity.
The year has seen a good number of new members, once again of all ages, so welcome to you all. We have introduced our Fossils as a new division and rumour has it that long-time sponsors and members the Rayner family are on the way back, now that Dave has a life away from work. It will be good to see both you and Lauren back in the water on the club days, in which we have been blessed this year with only one comp day that had to be called off due to bad weather.
On the social side the year has also been great with the distant memory of dancing queen at north shore, great mateship on the trip north to Agnes and the floods getting home, the Xmas party night at Café by the Beach and the coming of age for Glen at the Wrecks and Relics. These added to the great mateship at each comp day and every time we bump into fellow members in the surf. But what a start we have in place for this year ahead, with the north shore trip on this weekend and bowls on the 15th of September, so put that in your calendar – it’s the Saturday before the comp day on the 16th. It could be the start to a new sporting path.
As president of the Caloundra Malibu Club, I thank my committee and all of you for making this past year a very exciting time for your club and me, as that is what this is. it is your club to be a part of and enjoy with like-minded people. Thanks to all and let’s have a great 2012 2013.

Greg Caulfield

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