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CMC Annual Camping Trip

The first weekend of August dished up sublime conditions for CMC’s annual camping trip. The keen crew who ventured to the North Shore were greeted by blue skies, clear water and some neatly groomed waves. All agreed that Friday arvo’s session was the pick with the swell gradually dropping off over the weekend.

Friday night was a wee bit chilly but everyone gathered around Steve Miller’s kerosene heater and a few drinks helped to warm things up. I hear a tale that at least one camper woke in the middle of the night thinking there had been an earth tremor…turns out it was the camper in the next tent letting some air out of his….mattress or something???

People are still talking about Peter Rae’s first wave on Saturday…he got barrelled and came out with his hair still dry!!! By Saturday arvo after a fun day of waves everyone was relaxed and enjoying some fancy hors d’oeuvres, a few beverages and some tunes from John’s car. The full moon rising over the ocean was amazing. The campsite was cracking with good company, good conversation and an educational talk on the welfare of budgies in Thailand. As the night wore on, and with a few drinks under his belt, Mark Burrows was singing the blues…he’s got the music in him but as far as rhythm goes, well, that’s another story!!! We can always count on Mark for extra value!

Sunday morning dawned to another beautiful winter’s day with a few little sliders rolling in. Word on the street is that John Ryan was the standout for the morning ripping it up on his timber board.

In summation, clean waves, great tunes, good company, lots of laughs and plenty of food and drink ensured a good time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who came along – it was especially great having some new members up there this year. If you didn’t make it – you really missed out on a fantastic weekend…make sure you put it on your calendar for next year.

Jodie Brady

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