Caloundra longboard surfers club

Night on the Greens


On Saturday 15 Sept, a lively bunch of CMC members rolled up to Caloundra Lawn Bowls.

It was a breezy but clear Spring night out on the green. A few drinks and some nibbles provided us with the stamina needed for our strenuous game of lawn bowls.

The staff were very helpful, giving us newbies some hot tips and instructions. In a nutshell lawn bowls goes something like this:

You bowl the little white ball out onto the green then take it in turns bowling the bigger black balls. The person who gets their black ball closest to the white ball wins.

The standout performance of the evening would have to be awarded to Jeff Perry who was very successful in winning everyone else’s games. You see Jeff would bowl his little black ball and it would end up right next to the white ball of the adjacent team’s game. This happened on more than one occasion. Yes… Jeff’s balls were all over the place.

Come to think of it, lawn bowls draws a lot of attention to balls… just ask Steve Miller or Mark Burrows. Steve Miller had a great time playing with these balls. He said he could see himself making it a hobby… or a habit… or something of the sort. Justin preferred to fill his hands with beverages.

Word on the street is that we CMC members are actually pretty darn good at lawn bowls – Greg Caulfield was even given a team sign-up form for the lawn bowls comp days. Look out Caloundra Bowls Club.

After our bowls shenanigans, we ventured inside for a bite to eat, consumed a few more drinks and were entertained as the Bowls Club ladies cut up the dance floor.

As the night was wrapping up, Peter & Jo Rea were heading off to another party. As he was leaving, Peter found the dance floor and unleashed his spectacular dance moves upon some unsuspecting ladies. Now that I have reviewed this photograph, it appears the dancing was one-sided – in fact, it looks like the lovely ladies were making a quick escape.

We had an impressive turnout and a fantastic night. As always, there was no shortage of laughs, great company and conversation. A huge thank you to all who came along and also to those that arranged the night.

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