Alex Winter Classic Entry Form

Hi All,

As in past years the club will pay for 1 entry per family. $60 per family.

What you have to do:
1. Fill out the entry form and send it back to the Alex Club. It’s up to you organize the entry form. Don’t send any back to me.
2. Mark clearly on the form you are a member of the Caloundra Malibu Club.
3. Don’t send any money, cheque or bank transfer to the AlexClub with your entry.
4. Once you have sent in the entry form. Let me know by email, text or ring 0407 137879 . I’ll need to keep a list.
5. If you are entering more than 1 division or have other family members entering. AGAIN Don’t send any money to the Alex Club. just do as above.
6. All extra entry fees need to be transferred into our account. BoQ Caloundra BSB:-124001 Acc No:- 10379141 Desc:- Your name

The Alex Club will send me the finalised list. With this system only one transfer is required from our club to theirs.

I hope that’s clear enough. Let me know if it’s not.

John2015 Winter Classic Entry Form

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