Todays Club Comp Report


The Early Morning Start today with The Club Comp Being Held at Neill Street.

Peter Rea up early doing A Little Boxing Fitness Workout before the Comp Got Underway.

We managed to have 13 Closely fort  Heats held in 3-4 Foot Waves.

The Early Heats had some nice cleaner Sets and we were able to hold 2 rounds for the Club Champion.

The Wind slowly Swung eastward and made conditions a little more challenging.

Great surfing by everyone , Well Done

Thanks to Everyone who turned up early to set up.

Big Thanks to BBQ Cookers and Helpers.

Thanks to  Mark for towing the Trailer

Great to see so many people hang around to PACK UP.

The Beachbeat Monthly Comp Winners

John Ryan for his dedication and Tireless work for the Club

Roger Todd for Surfing above his ability in very trying Conditions

Congratulations too you both.

Remember we need all our members to help out next Week for our Fun in the Sun Challenge.

Saturday will be a 5 am Start to set up

Friday Venue and Heat Draws will be on the Website Friday

If you are not in a team and wish to compete Please call Me and I will assist in helping you

Thanks Snapper

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