Club Championship Rules and Seeded Surfers

Hi Everyone,

The Club Champion Heats will be First Heats Conducted This Sunday November 25th

First Heat Will be at 7 am

This year everyone voted to change the Format for Club Champion.

Now there will be 12 People Eligible to Compete for Club Champion

All Seeded from Our Contest Director

First 2 places from Age Groups and Open Surfers

If the Contest is Called off , The Winner of The Open Division will be Declared The Club Champion

This Week we are straight into Semi Finals as last round was cancelled

We are not sure which Semi will be first Surfed so Please be Early

Contest Director will Make all Decisions on the Day and will be Final


  1. Aiden Feeley
  2. Steve Miller
  3. Alain Savauge
  4. Rob Petric
  5. Tony Dwan
  6. Greg Griffiths
  7. John Marsh
  8. John Thurtell
  9. Bruce Thomson
  10. Tilda Thomson
  11. Zoe Riseley
  12. Vacant as Steve Miller Qualified Twic

Below is How Contest would have been run if we Surfed Last Round

Club Champion Rules


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