March/April 2011 newsletter

Next Meeting :- Thur 14th April

Sailing Club @ Golden Beach Short St, Golden Beach

Next Comp Day :- Sunday 15th May

This newsletter is a tad late, so we’ll call it the March/April newsletter.

New Website

By now I hope everybody has checked out the new website.

New member Pete C offered his services which were gladly accepted by the committee. He has created something special.

Let’s also acknowledge the time and effort Julie K put into the original website. It was all new and experimental when she first set it up all those years ago. So, Julie, on behalf of the committee and all the members, thanks heaps for the tremendous job you did.

March Comp day — Sunday 27th

Held in very ordinary conditions at Neill St, Dicky Beach. Small, bumpy, sloppy, windy and just about everything else that makes rideable waves non rideable. Shouldn’t complain (well there was a bit of rain also) we did manage to hold the comp and complete both rounds. As usual the cream rises and the best surfers found the best waves. The results have been added to the points tables.

April Comp day — Sunday 3rd

What a difference a week makes. Larger, smoother, nicer lines, offshore winds, conditions that make some good rideable waves greeted us. The call for an early start to get the best of the higher tide paid off. All the heats in Round 1 scored pretty good surf. Highlight of the morning was the men’s open heat with current club champion, Pat, three times club champion, Justin, wannabe club champion, Dean plus the other young guys all having a good dig. Pat over Justin in a close one.

Round 2 started about the same time as the strong SE started and coupled with the dropping tide, conditions deteriorated very quickly unfortunately.

The main aim of the comp directors is to have as many comps as possible this year following a couple of lean years. Good work on Sunday, Chris and crew. And thanks for everybody showing up and setting up early.

Noosa Festival of Surfing

Some good performances from the Caloundra members. Julie Starr-Thomas reached the final of the Senior Women’s as the top qualifier and finished a very good 3rd.

Back on the competition scene after her Uni studies, Monique Keane was runner-up in the Open Women’s final. Beth Palmer continues her good form finishing 5th in the U18 Girls final.

Other good results :-

Kat Hughes, semi-finalist Open Women’s.

Justin Healey, round 2 Open Men’s and Old Mals.

Pat O’Leary, quarter-finalist Men’s Pro Division.

Barry Davis and Darryl Meredith, round 1 Over 60 Men’s

Agnes Water Comp

The following is an article penned by Mark H

Waiting for the wind

Most of the usual suspects plus a couple of first timers headed up to Agnes for the comp in early March.

Friday was hot – when we got out of the truck at Bundy for lunch it was really humid – a lot more than down here when we left. John R’s crew went early and by the time we arrived they were settled in with the air-con on and keeping their fluids up. Surf was about 1-2ft, wind very light onshore and the NOF had been run and the boys were packing up. Our crew settled in and claimed beds – air-con on, Steve decided a cool drink was needed, Kat went for a surf and said it was ok – we were all sweating (literally) on the forecast SE wind change to arrive. Greg’s crew arrived just after dark.

Saturday waves 1-2ft, wind none – hot, damn hot – the comp was down on the beach break and depending on the tide there was a few runners. Whitey (Agnes) on the mike was calling the southerly change in all day – and by about lunch time it started to puff and mid-afternoon it was blowing, raining and getting cold – like jumper cold! The last heats were moved down to the point as there were a few small ones coming through. The rain came down that night – I’m glad we weren’t camping.

Sunday waves 2-3ft, wind SE – cold, rainy. Comp at the point, inside (no sand outside) and a good left over a bit, the early semis and finals had the best of it, the wind got stronger later. The open men’s final was a cracker again this year. Glenn C and Drew (2 of the older guys had a close tussle), Luke and Fraser both had some huge nose rides and old skool moves, but Mitch and Brett both went at it with some big moves and progressive longboarding. In the end one of Brett’s won it for him but it must have been close, as were some of the others.

Over 50s heats: Greg 5th, John R 4th

Over 40s heats: Tony B 6th, Lance R 5th, Glenn R 4th (who was that masked man?)

Over 50s final: Steve 1st

Over 40s final: Steve 2nd

Open women’s semi: Jacqui 4th

Open women’s final: Mon1que 1st, Kat 2nd

Open men’s final: 1 Brett White, 2 Mitch Surman, 3 Luke Potter, 4 Fraser Biden, 5 Drew Coulter , 6 Glenn Cunningham.

Thanks to Reef 2 Beach and the Agnes crew for another great comp and a fun weekend.

Your tropical correspondent, Mark.

Rescue Board

As part of the Sunshine Coast Council’s safety requirements, the club was required to source a “rescue board”.

Peter K just happened to mention to “EH Dave” that the club required one of those rescue boards. A couple of days later, thanks to “EH Dave“ and his neighbour Barry, we now have one. Thanks boys.

QLD Longboard Titles

The titles will be held on the Sunshine Coast on May 21-22.

The club will once again pay the entry fee for current financial members.

Note: you need to be a member of Surfing Queensland.

Hayden Winter Longboard Classic

The CMC committee has again offered to pay the entry fees for anybody interested in competing in this year’s Hayden Winter Longboard Classic. It’s on the 11th, 12th and 13th June @ The Bluff, Alexandra Headland.

This will save you $60, and entry forms are available at the Alex Mal Club website.

You will need to return your entry form to John Marsh (M:0407 137 879) or post it to:

Caloundra Malibu Club | PO Box 105 | Moffat Beach | 4551

Flood donation update

Here’s an update on Caloundra Malibu Club’s flood donation to the Pacifique Surfriders Club at Bundaberg:

“An initiative from the Caloundra Malibu Club has also come to fruition to benefit two couples deemed to have been adversely affected by the recent floods. It began with Caloundra passing on a cheque for $500 to be given as PSR deemed fit. Exec then agreed to match this amount to total $1000.00. Keith then approached Harvey World Travel to potentially add more value by donating some travel and accomodation. To this end two holiday packages were presented; one to Coopers Home Hardware and the other to Nowa Power Products. Both these businesses were unable to trade for several weeks yet still employed their staff incurring further financial losses, not to mention personal grief and frustration. While many more people suffered loss the exec deemed these people most deserving of a holiday break from the stress they have been through.”

– From the Pacifique Surfriders Club March 2011 newsletter

February 2011 newsletter

Next Meeting :- Thur 3rd March @ Sailing Club Short St, Golden Beach

Next Comp Day :- Sunday 27th March

February meeting

A good roll-up of the regular attendees for our first meeting of the year. Held under the stars, a rare clear night in an otherwise very wet summer.

The meeting’s main topics centred round the events calendar for 2011. This task is getting harder each year with the council insisting on a list of dates that have to have their approval. The Caloundra area is extremely popular for weddings and social gatherings, etc. Our original list was submitted with a few dates knocked back, hence some of our dates on the 2011 event calendar might change. Stay tuned – any updates will be emailed out.

Another topic was our risk management plan. We have some work to do to ours to get it up to speed. Surf rescue and a surf rescue board are a couple of items needing attention. The club does have some people qualified in surf rescue but our intention is to have others trained. El Presso Greg is working on that.

Dave Lammin, Club Development Officer for the Sunshine Coast, attended the meeting and spoke on his role with Surfing Qld in helping the development of the clubs.

February Comp

Extremely good numbers arrived at Neill St hoping to strut their stuff in this year’s first event.

Big CMC welcome to new members Dave M (the happy one) and the young crew our El Presso has finally coaxed to join. Luke, Brandon, Tom and the return of Michael has bolstered our junior ranks in a big way.

15 completed heats, the contest director and assistants were happy. The surf ranged from okay, to just okay, to not really okay, but the water was warm and crystal clear. A really nice start to 2011.

Check out the points tables.  A couple of guns have hit the lead.

March is Competition Month

This crowded month makes it difficult to find a suitable date for our comp. The original one,  Sunday 13th, will be changed to Sunday 27th to allow the club to enter a team in the Noosa Festival of Surfing’s Team Challenge.

The 27th does clash with the Malfunction at Kingscliffe but it’s the only one available. Discussion on points for those competing will be sorted out.  Trust us!!!!!!!

The first weekend in March is the annual Agnes Waters comp with a crew from our club attending.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing runs from the 13th-20th. Finals day is the 20th – hopefully some CMC members make it that far.  The standard of surfing from some of the world’s best longboarders in the finals is well checking out.

Flood Donation

The CMC committee has made a direct contribution to the flood appeal. We have sent a $500 cheque to our friends at the Pacifique Surfriders club at Bundaberg. After discussions with their club, a direct donation was deemed to be the best way for their club to distribute the money to the most needy.

Judging Criteria

I added this to last year’s February newsletter. It might help the new members and remind the old members.

Happy reading and happy surfing.

Revised ASP Judging Criteria Unleashed for 2010 at North Narrabeen

COOLANGATTA, Queensland/Australia (Tuesday, January 12, 2010) – With a number of enhancements being activated on the ASP World Tour this season, the ASP Judging Criteria has been refined to reflect the progression of the sport.

“It’s paramount that the ASP Judging Criteria evolve to reflect the ever-progressing envelope of high-performance surfing,” Perry Hatchett, ASP Head Judge, said. “The revision of the criteria for 2010 is the result of discussions between our respected panel of judges as well as the world’s best surfers.”

The ASP Judging Criteria for 2010 and beyond is as follows:

Surfers must perform to the ASP Judging Key Concepts to maximize their scoring potential.

Judges analyze the following major concepts when scoring waves:

– Commitment and Degree of Difficulty

– Innovative and Progressive Maneuvers

– Combination of Major Maneuvers

– Variety of Maneuvers

– Speed, Power and Flow

It is important to note that the emphasis on certain concepts is contingent upon the location and the conditions on the day, as well as changes of conditions during the day.

Scale Utilized:

0.0 – 1.9 = Poor

2.0 – 2.9 = Fair

4.0 – 5.9 = Average

6.0 – 7.9 = Good

8.0 – 10.0 = Excellent

“The last part of the revised ASP Judging Criteria is crucial,” Hatchett said. “Surfers and fans need to understand that certain aspects of surfing score higher depending on the location and the conditions at that location. For example, the same approach to surfing in classic Trestles conditions will not score the same when applied to classic Pipeline conditions – classic Trestles conditions call for more Innovative and Progressive Maneuvers whereas classic Pipeline conditions call for more Commitment and Degree of Difficulty.”

The aforementioned criteria will be applied across the board at ASP World Tour, ASP Women’s World Tour, ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) and ASP Pro Junior event.

In addition to the refinements being made for the shortboard circuits, the ASP World Longboard Tour will also enjoy the following revised criteria:

Surfers must perform to the ASP Judging Key Concepts to maximize their scoring potential.

Judges analyze the following major concepts when scoring waves:

– Commitment and Degree of Difficulty

– Combination of Traditional and Modern Maneuvers

– Innovative and Progressive Maneuvers

– Combination of Major Maneuvers

– Variety of Maneuvers

– Speed, Power and Flow

Judges will utilize a 75-25% ratio being that surfers will only ever get a maximum of 75% (7.5pts) of the scale for surfing only one aspect of Modern or Traditional, up to an additional 25% (2.5pts) can be added when the two aspects are combined. Incomplete maneuvers will not be rewarded.

It is important to note that the emphasis on certain concepts is contingent upon the location and the conditions on the day, as well as changes of conditions during the day.

Scale Utilized:

0.0 – 1.9 = Poor

2.0 – 2.9 = Fair

4.0 – 5.9 = Average

6.0 – 7.9 = Good

8.0 – 10.0 = Excellent

The revised ASP Longboard Judging Criteria will be applied at ASP World Longboard Tour and ASP Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) events in 2010 and beyond.

For more information, log on to

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